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The 744NT is a large area, four-target, batch sputtering system, designed for processing high-density interconnect, 200 mm semiconductor wafers and flat panel displays. The tool was developed to meet increasing customer demand for higher throughput with larger substrates.

◆ Vertical sputtering system

◆ 19×19-inch pallet area

◆ Compact footprint that uses less than one-third the floorspace of competing equipment

◆ High-vacuum loadlock

◆ Capacity to process up to four 200mm wafers or multiple smaller wafers at a time

◆ Throughput for 200mm wafer metallurgy is increased four times

◆ Optional cassette-to-cassette capability

The tool features four target system pallets, allowing an instantaneous change of wafer sizes and the ability to process both the front and back sides of wafers. The 744NT is also available with an optional Negative Sputter Ion Beam source enhancement that provides excellent ITO coatings on polycarbonate substrates at very low temperatures.


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The most reliable in-line sputtering tools in the industry are developed and manufactured by KDF. All of KDF's systems are engineered to meet versatility and high throughput demands across a number of markets at the industry's lowest cost of ownership :

◆ Mainstram silicon                                     ◆ Emerging materials

◆ Flat panel display                                     ◆ Optical communications

Across all platforms, KDF's in-line batch sputtering systems are easier to use and maintain than cluster tools. KDF's solutions provide users with increased :

◆ Film uniformity                                          ◆ Throughput

◆ Process stability                                         ◆ ROI

◆ Automation                                                ◆ Tool uptime

◆ Reliability                                                   ◆ Environmental health and safety benefits




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