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Designed to meet today's stringent production requirements, the 900Series offers process flexibility typically found in R&D systems. The 900Series surpasses the criteria for deposition of thin films in application critical devices and other applications requiring the absolute in uniformity.

◆ Horizontal cathode and substrate orientation for gentle substrate fixturing
    and varied substrate sizes

◆ 12×12-inch substrate area

◆ Capacity to process dimensional substrates up to 1.5-inch thick.

◆ High-rate DC magnetron sputtering and single or multiple -pass deposition features

◆ Capacity to process up to one 300mm wafers or multiple smaller wafers at a time

◆ High-speed batch processing

◆ Convenient wafer to pallet loading ability

◆ Optional high vacuum loadlock configuration

◆ Optional planetary substrate pallet provides unsurpassed film uniformity

The 900 Series system can be equipped with KDF's exclusive and innovative ERPP™(enhanced rotary planetary pallet), which provides greatly improved wafer uniformities. In tandem with KDF's cathodes, this pallet option can achievebetter than +/- 1% uniformities across the pallet and better than 0.5% repeatabilities between runs for dielectrics such as SiO2 and TiO2, compared with traditional pallet uniformities of +/- 15-20% for such materials.

The 900Series family also features a special application Focest Cathode™,originally developed

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                                             In line with your process

The most reliable in-line sputtering tools in the industry are developed and manufactured by KDF. All of KDF's systems are engineered to meet versatility and high throughput demands across a number of markets at the industry's lowest cost of ownership :

◆ Mainstram silicon                                         ◆ Emerging materials

◆ Flat panel display                                         ◆ Optical communications

Across all platforms, KDF's in-line batch sputtering systems are easier to use and maintain than cluster tools. KDF's solutions provide users with increased :

◆ Film uniformity                                              ◆ Throughput

◆ Process stability                                            ◆ ROI

◆ Automation                                                    ◆ Tool uptime

◆ Reliability                                                     
 ◆ Environmental health and safety benefits




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