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  Automation for Precision Cleaning System 

       ( RMTOC8-2828-SP  8 Stations System )
















   Mass Transfer Features

   ▣ Customized Water base HDD parts cleaning system with Load/Unload Conveyor.
     (PROCESS : Auto  Loading
Washing Rinsing  Blower drying Vacuum drying Auto Unloading)
   ▣ Pneumatic lifter mechanism for smooth movement of work.
   ▣ Custom designs built around your specific needs.
   ▣ Minimum exposure of parts to air due to rapid transfer time.
   ▣ PC Base controlled.
   ▣ Rigid robot mechanical movements are hardened shafts and linear bearings.
   ▣ Ladder/Roller Transformation.




   Automation 8 station for Precision Cleaning System









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