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Mercury DFL

There are two main models of the DFL; the basic system handles process boats, while the Cassette to Cassette accommodates both plastic and process boats. Either system is available with an OCR Lot Verification Option.





300mm Transfer
Horizontal to Vertical Mass Transfer

Universal design allows you to choose the FOUP of your choice, enabling equipment consistency throughout the fab.
Unique end effector contacts wafer within the SEMI spec exclusion zone requirements.
Control of the unit can be from the FOUP opener for ease of use.
Smooth, precise movement with closed loop control system, including constant monitoring of position and torque.
Unit can also be used as a convenient way to change FOUPs to assure cleanliness.
One year warranty from the leader in wafer handing.





300mm I.D Reader    IDR-1200

Integrated Notch finder with easy to service roller mechanism.
Dual Camera readers with integrated L.E.D. lighting for reliable results. All electric system, no air required. User defined macro capaiblities for Custom Recipe generation.
RS232 Communications standard. G.E.M. Communications available. Menu Driven Operator Interface. Small Footprint, C.P.U. can be placed under table. One Year Warranty Standard. Fits many boat styles. Product Video on C.D. Available.






200mm Transfer

Such items include rodless cylinders, stepper &/or servo drives, stainless steel
bearings& rails, electric & optical sensors, touch panel and LCD controls, anti- corrosion packages, and PLC. Programmable Logic Controllers










Notch / Flat Finder   AFF - X00

Smart Transfer Machines Flat Finders      
Patterned side of Wafers Never Touch Carrier
AC Powered
Can Accommodate a Large Variety of Plastic
   and Teflon Carriers
Switch Controlled For Flats Up or Down.
Wafer Flats can be Manually Positioned by
   Rotating Knob to Desired Position

 Automatically aligns flats up or down. Locating  Pin prevents incorrect cassette position.

Power: 110-220 V.A.C. 50-60 hertz
Wafer Size: 4"- 8"
Dimensions: (4" - 6") 5.75W x10.2" D x 7" H









Packer / Unpacker     AWP- 600

Tabletop Unit(shown with Optional Color Touchscreen).
Inserts Separatora Automatically.
Removes Separatora Automatically.
Automatically Senses Wafer or Separator Presence,    Will indentify multiple.
Over 250 Wafer/Hour Throughput Pack or UnPack!
Backside Wafer Contact.
Programmable Load Options
 Works with Conductive and Non-Conductive Separators.
Allows Operators to Perform other Tasks during    Operation.












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