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Mass Transfer
Such items include rodless cylinders, stepper &/or servo drives, stainless steel
bearings& rails, electric & optical sensors, touch panel and LCD controls,
anti- corrosion packages, and PLC. Programmable Logic Controllers




Eureka Series

The A3 Series machines are all air logic controlled (no electricity required) using technology developed over the past 12 years.  These machines are safe, reliable, and well accepted in the semiconductor industry.  These systems are not effected by even the highest extremes of ESI/RFI conditions.






Horizon Series(P5)

All Horizon Series Utilize Rodless Cylinders, Clean Room Grade Bearings & Rails, Stepper Motors, Electric Sensors, and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). The Combs & Retainers Have Been Changed On the P5 Series To Only Use 25 Slots.  This Prevents Cross-Slotting & other Potential Problems. Sensors are built into the platform to prevent the machine from operating unless the correct cassette/boat is loaded properly for the transfer sequence and orientation requirements. Sensors detect wafer presence within a cassette/boat and will inhibit the machine from operating if no wafers are detected in the sending cassette/boat.  Also, when unloading the wafers from the retainers, wafers are detected in the receiving cassette/boat, the machine will stop until the wafers are removed. The ramped speed provides for gentle pick up and landing of wafers to and from carriers and retainers .





Linear Series

Take features from our Horizon Series, replace the moving platform (2 and 3 stage models) with a moving head, add more features (like an available active matrix color touch screen interface), more functions, and the result is our Linear Series. Models include features such as Maintenance Reminders and the availability of Randomize or Single Wafer Movements. One key feature is the wafer orientation; if the worst case scenario ever happened with an undersized wafer "drooping" in the retainers, it will simply pass by other wafers rather than hitting other wafers like our competitors' products.










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