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    Wafer Packer                         







AWP- 600    Wafer Packer / Unpacker

Tabletop Unit(shown with Optional Color Touchscreen).
Inserts Separatora Automatically.
Removes Separatora Automatically.
Automatically Senses Wafer or Separator Presence,    Will indentify multiple.
Over 250 Wafer/Hour Throughput Pack or UnPack!
Backside Wafer Contact.
Programmable Load Options
 Works with Conductive and Non-Conductive Separators.
Allows Operators to Perform other Tasks during    Operation.






 IDR - 800    Wafer I.D. Reader / Notch finder

Non Contact Loading...Notch Finder Mechanism is    Gently Raised into Position.
Reads OCR/Bar Code. Models available for Front or    Back Side Reading
Complete Notch Find and 25 Wafer Scribe Read in    about a minute!
Unique Optical Arrangement Assures Optical Reads    under Multiple Combinations of Coatings and Scribe    Quality.
"Bird's Eye" Magnified View of Scribe with Ability for    Manual Entry for Marginal Scribes.
Features Cognex® OCR System, which Automatically    Varies light/contrast and bright field/dark field    illumination for better performance under multiple    conditions.
Available SECS II/G.E.M. Interface to Communicate    with Factory Host.
Mechanism/Camera is Under Wafer with No Moving    Parts Over the Wafer at Any Time During Process.    Wafer Edge Contact is only During Notch Find.
Checksum, Alpha, Numeric, Alphanumeric, Fixed Digit    Capable.






LPBT- 600   Plaslic Boat Tester

Easy to Use "Go, No Go" Confirmation. Simply place    the plastic cassette on the unit, press "Test", and the    unit measures 3 slots (each end and center). Green    Light indicates "Pass", Red Light indicates "Fall".
Unique "Discs" test slot integrity and straightness.
Complete Boot Test is performed in under a minute!
   Simple, Cost Effective Solution. Use prior to boat    cleaning to save the step of cleaning an out-of-tolerance     boot. Use after cleaning to assure a Warp free












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