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Mixing and Dilution System

The Slurry is a supply system for the CMP-area. The system will be used as a supply station or as a mixing station.
Slurry 200 is for safe handling of slurry as well as for the required mediums for mixing, for example KOH or H2O2, according to the current safety standards § 19 I WHG.



Supply Transport-Container Module

or the safe handling of acids, caustic solutions and solvents according to current safety standards § 19 I WHG.Depending on the application the housings can be designed for drum sizes of 60 l, 100 l, 200 l, as well as 500 l, and 1.000 l.The drum is connected in the housing under clean atmospheric conditions by a quick connector system.


Disposal for Daytanks

he disposal system is for safe and secure collection and storage of water endangered substances according to current security standards § 19 I WHG.  Depending on the demand and the disposal quantity the
system can be designed for collection drums of 20 l to 1.000 l.



Manual Etching and Cleaning System

The Fabbench HS is a wet process system for all current cleaning and etching processes in the semiconductor, optical
and solar industry. It is also possible to integrate complex process modules and filtration. The possibility of a flexible configuration the Fabbench HS also makes it ideal equipment for research and development


Quartz Tube Cleaning System

The compact assembly of the process area and the small medium consumption rate, means the Rondus is also
suitable for cleaning quartz slugs in glass fiber cable production.





Acetone Spray Chamber

Integration and delivery of various laboratory equipment according to customer
s requirements.

 - Automatic door drive, Tub flush
 - Laminar-Flow-Unit, Vacuum tweezers
 - DI-H2O- Hand shower, N2-Spray-Gun










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